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16.9.2014 : 23:26 : +0200

LS-DYNA Features for Hot Stamping

LS-DYNA 971 contains new capabilities for the hot forming process.

LS-DYNA Features for Hot Stamping

LS-DYNA 971 has several new features to model the hot stamping process. A thick thermal shell formulation allows modelling a temperature gradient through the thickness of the shell. The new keyword, *MAT_ADD_THERMAL_EXPANSION, allows calculating thermal strains for all mechanical material models. A new feature has been added to thermal contact which turns off thermal boundary conditions when surfaces come in contact. A new thermal one-way contact algorithm has been added which more accurately models heat transfer between blank and die. New features have been added to thermal-mechanical contact which allows modelling the coeffi cients of friction as a function of temperature and thermal contact resistance as a function of interface pressure.

Infoplaner2007-1-S30-31-HotStamping.pdf [321kB]