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9/20/2014 : 9:54 am : +0200

Simulation of Auxiliary Drives in Motor Vehicles

4th European Automotive Simulation Conference (EASC 2009)

Simulation of Auxiliary Drives in Motor Vehicles


Modern motor vehicles consist of many electrical auxiliary drives. The range of the application area of these drives reaches from comfort functions like electrical window lifts, seat and mirror adjustment up to the use as ancillary units in the engine compartment. In this lecture an established electromagnetic motor for seat adjustment is presented and fully simulated with Ansoft Maxwell V12. The operating motor behavior is derived with the aid of the transient field simulation and compared with the measured results. The necessary information for the model creation and the parameterization are generated by the analysis of motor geometry and material properties.

In the second part of this lecture an alternative auxiliary drive concept with brushless dc motor is presented. The development of this motor is also done by the tool Ansoft Maxwell V12. At this time all signs point to that mechanical commutated motors were sooner or later substituted by electrical commutated motors. Therefore the paper demonstrates the substitution off a PMDC motor with an EC motor.

EASC09_Emotor_TUIlmenau.pdf [783kB]